Paying half your income on the house is eating you

This is all good and sound advice so please no one take this the wrong way. If you cant pay your credit cards from personal experience I would say dont even bother. If you cant make the minimum monthly payment they are asking for and you are’nt working out any other arrangement with them, sending them 10.00 a month will do nothing for you. I’ve tried this. It does nothing more then waste your money because if you dont pay the minimum required monthly payment they are asking and you dont have an arrangement with them they will consider you in default and at the six month mark they will charge it off anyway because if you are’nt making the minimum monthly payment to them its like you are’nt paying at all. Save your money to pay your utilities or buy food or gas. I would strongly suggest you file bankruptcy.

It will give you a new start free from the debt but the only way you will succeed is you remain debt free. Meaning dont get new cards or go back into debt. That is where the advice of the other poster is so important. Get rid of the debt first. Then use that advice and learn how to live within your means. I know its so very very hard, I’ve been there and am still there in some extent but am climbing out of it.

This is really important. If you are unorganized its more then likely costing you even more by way of late fees etc. I know.. again, been there done that. One thing I have found that helped me was keeping an actual notebook that I write all my info down in. I keep alot of files on my pc but writing things down makes it more clear to me for some reason. For example, I will write at the top of one page the name of the bill, followed by all the pertinent info like where to pay or send payment, customer service number, account number etc.

Due date(highlighted) if there is a grace period, late charge, overlimit fee, website address, accepted forms of payment(telephone, internet mail,) how long things take to post to account etc. Anything that I can find that is relevant to that bill whether its a credit card bill, insurance bill, utility bill etc. I write down. Also because I am the one who has been saddled with the job of paying the household bills and balancing/managing the budget as well, if something should happen to me then everyone knows that all they need to do is look in this notebook to find what they need to know.

When I make a payment or schedule a payment I write this info down on a separate piece of paper that I use monthly- one paper a month. When all the bills are taken care of that paper can go in the trash. It simply is a note to myself that such and such payment is coming out on such and such date from whichever bank account (We have two joint checking and savings accounts)and as those items come out of my account I cross them off of my list/note to self. All of this has helped me to stay more organized and focused. When the mail comes open up everything! Throw all the stuff you can in the trash right away. For me, this is all return envelopes to all my bills since I pay everything on line or in person. All junk mail too.

Then if you cant handle looking at your statements and things put them in a bag,folder, box or whatever and stick them away in a drawer. Deal with what you can but DEAL with something. Dont just let it go. Dont let it pile up and accumulate on the desk or elsewhere. It will seem even more overwhelming then. Put it in a bag and stick it away BUT at the end of the month take it out and if its been paid- shred the statement and be done with it.

If it has’nt been dealt with stick it in a separate pile. When you are done, toss the shredded stuff in the trash and then decide what to do with the stuff that has’nt been dealt with. Dont ignore it. Even if it means putting it back in the bag and back in the drawer or whatever. Try to come up with a plan. Paying and dealing with one bill is better then not paying or dealing with any. Deal with them one at a time if you have to to get a start on it. Once you get a start and a plan you will develop a way to deal with it all.

When I have’nt been able to pay all of my bills in the past I’ve looked at it all and decided what I could pay and deal with trying to take care of what the most important stuff is first- roof over your head, heat and lights on, food, gas, insurance etc. Sadly the credit cards are at the bottom of the list and things that are luxuries and not necessities like cable, cell, etc. need to go until you regain some control over your situation. When you do deal with a bill make a committment to deal with it always from here on out. Try to deal with the bills that are necessary for you to live first and get those under control then worry about the other stuff.

About our house

mortgageThe house was bought seventeen years ago. And we have re mortgaged twice, jacking the price from six hundred a month to fourteen hundred a month. We have already considered selling, and hope that we can put this house on the market with in the next two years. We hope to make enough to buy a mobile home in a senior park out right. Then when hubby retires will only have to pay park rent.

I can drop the premium channels, started to do that a few weeks ago, but the rep at cable company talked me out of it. She said it was forty dollars to get it hooked up again. Of course at that time I was thinking short term. Looks like we are facing indefinitely now. I just recently heard about Red Box and will check that out. I know that hubby will want to keep basic channels. The cell phones will be shut off soon, two months behind now. We originally got the phone for my hubby since he had a heart attack, then hubby decided it was a good idea for Kevin (son) to also have one since he had just gotten his license. That was a mistake.

I don’t really have a food budget, but I do use coupons. I can cut corners there. We buy way to much frozen convince food. We don’t sit down to family meals, because of different work schedules. So people fix their own meals and they want fast and easy. Kevin’s girl friend (Julia) works at the local farm and gets a discount so that will be nice.

Hubby’s over time will probably come back in Sept. I really don’t want him to get a second job. And no I really can not go back to work. Was wondering what you meant by bake? Selling baked goods? To who?

I do have some of the bills paid automatically for me. Rays paycheck is automatically deposited. So, lets say I know that the light bill is $150. should I go right to my computer and schedule the whole payment from Rays paycheck that will come in next week? Even if I have a month left before it is do? Of course our light bill is about three months behind. We have an agreement to pay $150 bi-weekly for the next month, but we will never clear it up this way.

I’m a little confused about your last paragraph, could you explain it again?