Garnishment question

They have been garnishing my wages for about 2 years now. I did not have to go to court for them to start that just all of a sudden my check was about $200 less than it should be. I did get numerous letters from them which I of course ignored because I didn’t have the money. I just recently contacted them to make arrangements to make the payments myself. We originally has settled on $250 a month. They neglected to tell me if I make 3 voluntary payments they will stop the garnishments. They just said they were going to stop the garnishments. So the garnishments continued and I had to call them back and tell them I was unable to meet our previous arrangement if they were going to continue to garnish my check, after all they got almost $500 from me in the month of Aug since they take $150 per check from me.

They swear they told me about the 3 voluntary payments that were necessary to stop the garnishments. Anyway they made another arrangement with me where I still have to make 3 voluntary payments but those only have to be $10 payments. After the 3 $10 payments the garnishments stop and I start making the payments of $250 per month. It’s still a lot of money for me to come up with every month but it’s $50 less than what they garnish my check for so that gives me more money to put towards other debts. I am so glad they are willing to work with me. Do anyone know if when they garnish your wages all the money they take goes to the student loan debt or is there some fees applied to the cost of being garnished?

The garnishment is court ordered, if you had gone to court, it might have worked out better for you, therefore, since you didnt go to court, they got a default judgement against you, and put it on your credit report. It is possible that a portion of the garnishment goes to fees, but the vast majority should go toward the amount owed. Student loans are 1 kind of debt that you can not escape or avoid. You can ask for a new hearing on the judgment, you might be able to reduce the overall payment they are requiring.

But with student loans it is NOT court ordered.

They DO NOT have to go to court to get a garnishment, they do not have to notify you. They have rights above and beyond any other creditor.

There are fees, but not very much. I have been watching mine very closely, I have less than $1000 left, and will be paying it off in one month, but they take 15% out of my check every two weeks.

I would suggest the person below, call the collection agency, and ask them what the balance is, and then call back in a couple of months, and ask again, that will give you an idea of how much is being added to the loans.

Again student loans do NOT have to go to court to garnish your check. They do not have to notify you that they are, they simply do out of “courtesy”

I don’t know if its “court ordered” or not. My husband has been delinquent on his student loan more then once and on the verge of defaulting and they send tons of letters! I mean TONS! Unless you are not paying attention they absolutely notify you of their impending actions. Maybe they are’nt required to do so.. I don’t know. But you will be notified of impending garnishment and other things. Trust me! They are the Government so I would think they can do as they wish and not need a court order but they DO notify you because my husband has been on the receiving end of that and I have the letters to prove it.