Tell your son to get a ful time job

moneyboxYou guys are in a jam, the best thing you can do, it tell your son to get a ful time job or live on his own with this girlfriend. If they are contributing to the money fund, then things will be easier,m but i think that the GF kicking in $20 a week isnt going to cut it. They need to be paying you rent and for food and everything else. I realise he is your only child and only children are sort of babied, but there is no reason for this.

What is he going to do, ask for new parents, no. He will help you. They are draining your resources and creating bigger problems. As for the domestic bills, you really should look at exactly what everything is costing you, the phone bill the cable, insurance. look for a better deal. the telephone and insurance can be shopped for better plans with different companies. the electricity can be affected by changing light bults to energy efficient ones. costs $$ upfront, but long term is better.

Also adjust how to keep your termostat set. Let if get a little warmer in the summer and a little colder in the winter. I do that and it keeps my below my neighbors. As for the credit cards that are not being paid, as long as that will work, let it work. If some creditor desides to get fiesty, deal with it then. Good luck to you.

Carol, Welcome to the real world. Some of the hardest things we have to do is to change life styles to survive. Cutting out everything that is not a absolute is sometimes the hardest thing to do. Cell phones, cable, I know the only thing you have to escape with, has to go.

We had to look at where the money was going too at one time. Can you afford that home, can you find something smaller or cheaper will the down payment on another home be there. Will you beable to move to something more affordable. Only you can answer these questions. Call your card holders, make a 10 dollar payment on them no matter what. See if you can’t find a cheaper interest rate card and transfer the balance to it.

See what you can cut off. If you keep one cell phone cut the land line. Learn to cut hair, it can be done, or just have them shave their heads with clippers. Cut coupons,change eating habits, get out the cook books and make it all yourself. Bag lunches, sell everything you don’t need or use. Take that money to have an extra payment on the house. Forget Christmas like you knew, pull names one gift each to give. Things are going to get worse, knowing you have a problem is the first step to heading off the big fall.

Everyone can pull the rope. Your kids will not be the first or the last to have to help during times like these.They are adult enough to live together in your home, they are adult enough to help. They may have to take two jobs too. What you can do at home in the kitchen, sewing room, can help. baby sitting is a good one for older children who simply need someone there or drop offs until parents get home from work. Think what you can do for extra money and get doing. Put signs up on local boards at church, schools and local malls. It can be done, two grand is something, it can be done.

Our debt situation

Hello, my name is Carol. I guess I will just jump right in and tell you about me, my family and our debt situation. My hubby and I have been married for 21 years and we have one son who is now 19 and still living at home. His girlfriend has just moved in with us. She’s 18, turning 19 next month. Reason she moved in, was basically she is safer here than she was at home. They do not pay rent at this time.

My hubby(Ray) works at a local factory and his yearly income is somewhere around 40k, but that is with over time, which recently came to an end as the company is trying to cut cost. He now brings home a paycheck of about $1,200 a month. I am disabled and bring in about 8 hundred a month and no, there is no chance that I will be able to return to work.

Over the years we have slowly worked our way into debt. We own our vehicles. We own our home with a mortage of about 150k. We recently were able to reduce our mortgage to about one thousand dollars a month. Wow, now that I’m writing this down I realize that I’m trying to pay all our bills on two thousands dollars a month. No wonder we are in the hole. Our mortgage alone takes half of our money. I’m trying to pay lights, phone, cable,insurances, food, gas and who knows what else with eight hundred bucks a week. Never mind the credit cards, that obviously aren’t getting paid at all.

I know I should be asking the kids to help out. My son is working part time and she just got out of the hospital and will be returning to work next week. She will then start paying up twenty dollars a week.

I’m sure they might be able to take on the cable bill or the cell phone.

Here is just a little bit of our make up. We are procrastinators, our bills are strew all over the desk and the table. Hardly any thing is filed. The bill box that we made is not getting used for its original purpose. Our money matters have some how become my responsibility and I feel responsible for the mess we are in. Ray knows that we are in big trouble here, but I try not to tell him, because he flies in to a fit of rage. He says he will find a second job. This is imposable as he has had a heart attack and just wouldn’t be up to the stress.

I apologize for the length of this post, but it has turned out to be a good thing as I now realize we are in worse trouble than I thought and some drastic changes need to be put in place.

Thank for reading my ranting.