About our house

mortgageThe house was bought seventeen years ago. And we have re mortgaged twice, jacking the price from six hundred a month to fourteen hundred a month. We have already considered selling, and hope that we can put this house on the market with in the next two years. We hope to make enough to buy a mobile home in a senior park out right. Then when hubby retires will only have to pay park rent.

I can drop the premium channels, started to do that a few weeks ago, but the rep at cable company talked me out of it. She said it was forty dollars to get it hooked up again. Of course at that time I was thinking short term. Looks like we are facing indefinitely now. I just recently heard about Red Box and will check that out. I know that hubby will want to keep basic channels. The cell phones will be shut off soon, two months behind now. We originally got the phone for my hubby since he had a heart attack, then hubby decided it was a good idea for Kevin (son) to also have one since he had just gotten his license. That was a mistake.

I don’t really have a food budget, but I do use coupons. I can cut corners there. We buy way to much frozen convince food. We don’t sit down to family meals, because of different work schedules. So people fix their own meals and they want fast and easy. Kevin’s girl friend (Julia) works at the local farm and gets a discount so that will be nice.

Hubby’s over time will probably come back in Sept. I really don’t want him to get a second job. And no I really can not go back to work. Was wondering what you meant by bake? Selling baked goods? To who?

I do have some of the bills paid automatically for me. Rays paycheck is automatically deposited. So, lets say I know that the light bill is $150. should I go right to my computer and schedule the whole payment from Rays paycheck that will come in next week? Even if I have a month left before it is do? Of course our light bill is about three months behind. We have an agreement to pay $150 bi-weekly for the next month, but we will never clear it up this way.

I’m a little confused about your last paragraph, could you explain it again?

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