Congratulations on the new addition!

Here are some things that can help you save for after the baby and learn new habits so that you can afford to stay home:

1) Find out now what any daycare or sitter that you would likely use will charge. There may not even be a daycare that you like or trust, and it would be good to find this out now.

2) Join the site ($18 a year)–it pays for itself.

3) Also visit other “frugal” sites like –there are others, too, and you can find any you need at

4) Several sites have a calculator that lets you figure what you REALLY make after expenses; day care; tax bracket adjustment; additional mileage which affects maintenance, gas, & car insurance; meals at work; clothing for work; and other things.

5) Consider whether you may have a talent you could parlay into extra funds, like sewing, writing, etc. from home.

6) Do everything you can from now on to cut expenses and save money. Try to implement all the frugal tips you can and see how much money you can put into savings (or pay off high-interest credit) before the baby is born. You may be able to live on one person’s check for several months, for instance.

7) Don’t go overboard buying for baby. You will have a shower, probably, and will most likely not need to buy much for the baby in the way of clothes for quite some time. Stick with neutrals, shop second-hand (babies almost never wear clothes out), yard sales, and the like. You may find you don’t need a changing table or a small diaper bag, and can make do with other items.

8) Breastfeed. I can’t over-emphasize the benefits. Though you aren’t a villain if you bottle-feed, you and your child will reap benefits other than saving money – big boosts to health, after-baby weight loss, and the like. Also check on WIC; with only your husband’s income, you may qualify, and it can be a big help to the grocery bill.

9) Read, read, read. I can think of all the Tightwad Gazette books, and anything by Mary Hunt, and the folks on this list can give you many more ideas.

Hope you aren’t snoring,